Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thai Express (Burnaby Lougheed, BC)

Last week, we went to try another new store, Thai Express, in the food court.
As the name suggests, it is Thai food. 
I had the suspicion that it is not proper traditional Thai food, but still tried anyways and I was right.

We ordered a dish of green curry and Pad Thai with shrimps.
One is combo with drink and one small spring roll.  One is just Pad Thai.

The Pad Thai is so bad that I will not call it Asian food.
The green curry is good I would say, but not worth paying 10 dollars.
Total cost with tax is 22 dollars, which is ridiculous in the food court.

To put it into context, a meal in other store (KFC, McDonald's, Fresh slice) with or without coupon, the meal per person should be 5 to 8 dollars.

A good meal in standard Thai Restaurant in BC during lunch hours is less than 10 dollars including tax and tip.
So this place is outrageously bad.

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