Sunday, April 24, 2011

Walmart Canada: Hot Wheels for 1 Dollar: Infiniti and Lancer Evolution

Walmart Canada dropped its prices on Hot Wheels because of the high Canadian dollars.
It tries to match the US pricing but unfortunately, currently, the prices at Target is 88 cents.

I was a toy car collector since 3 years old and love cool cars ever since.
However, I do not have any luck in real life with cars.
My old, beat up, Honda Accord is hitting the 20 year mark with no end in sight.
It sounds pathetic and I envy the people with 2 nice cars....anyways....

Infiniti G37
I bought two cars last week:  Infiniti G37 and Lancer Evolution.
Lancer Evolution is one of Asian racing fan's dream along with Subaru Imprezza and Nissan GTR.
In US, I guess it is the Dodge Viper or Ford Mustang or Corvette, etc.
Lancer Evolution
When I was a student, the chance of me buying this car is 0%.
Now, with two kids and no money, the chance of me buying this car is still 0%.
Sadness of reality.  I will be lucky to get any car right now.

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