Friday, May 20, 2011

Seattle Woodland Zoo

It was the first time that we have been to the Seattle Zoo last month.
Comparing to Greater Vancouver Zoo, the quality of the facilities and service, the food, and the selections of exhibitions are much better for the same ticket price.
The ticket price is actually much cheaper in the spring. (around 10 dollars per person)

Seattle zoo penguins
They just renovated with new building and infrastructures.
Beside the new entrance, they have a penguins exhibit!  Now, they don't have penguins in Vancouver.
They also have rare animals from different places of the world such as rare Komodo Dragons and Japanese Serow.
Seattle Zoo Komodo Dragon
Seattle Zoo Tropical Bird

Lion in Seattle Zoo
In the African Zone, they have the African huts and in the Asian zone, they have Thai Village Buildings, which really impresses me.
They also have a very good food court.
Personally, I like the thick chip fries!  It is very fulfilling and thick.  I don't find them in Canada.

Link for the zoo:

We had a wonderful time in Seattle Zoo.  I just hope the zoo is easier to find for foreign visitors.
Also, they need more parking lots....

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