Sunday, May 29, 2011

Taiwanese Pastry: Pineapple Cake

If you are familiar with Asian food and pastries, you know there are lots of famous Taiwanese food and snacks.  All kinds of Taiwanese noodles, all dishes in the night markets and all the famous pastries.
Two famous examples are the Pineapple cake and "sun cake".  (of course, there are lots more that is only available locally.  The most famous one is "Pineapple cake". 

Taiwanese Pineapple cake and Japanese Youkan
My parents came back from Taiwan and brought back the Pineapple cake from Chia Te.
They said it is one of the best brand to produce pineapple cake and will taste different than other brands.
Indeed, the packaging was great and the taste was exceptional.  The cake itself does not crumble after taken out of package.

In recent years, there are other variations other than the traditional kind.  Fruits like cherry, berries or even jellies are being added in the pineapple cakes.  I prefer the traditional kind.
We certainly can't get this in a supermarket in North America.
This taste a lot better than what is available here in Canada and US.

Well, there is no market for it and people will not appreciate the difference I guess...

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