Thursday, June 2, 2011

Product Review: Kenzen Medicated Cool Pads and Sprays

Medicated cool pads has been a common, must-have products for decades for people in Japan, Taiwan and Korea.  People always use it to treat muscle-aches and joint pain regardless if it is for sports injuries or not.

I have always wondered that if this kind of product will ever come and be popular among the North Americans.  Now, athletes have been using these sprays during the game for years.  North Americans play lots of sports and spend time outdoors.  I am surprised that this kind of products is not popular among the public yet.
The other day, London Drugs in Vancouver area was promoting the medicated cool pads and sprays made by Sato, one of the Japanese pharmaceutical company. (There are many major companies producing these kind of products in Japan.)

Sato's Kenzen medicated cooling pads and sprays
Even though we really don't have many choices in North America, it is a good start.
I bought a few of them while they are on sale.  (Regular 5.00, on sale for 3 dollars plus tax)

We tried it and it does the same cooling effects as the ones in Japan.
It works better after you take a bath to put on these for maximum effects.

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