Thursday, June 2, 2011

Restaurant: Thai Garden Restaurant, Burnaby, Coquitlam Area

Last Friday, I felt like trying something different around our neighborhood.  (and luckily my kids fell asleep in the car...)  I wanted to try the Thai restaurant near my place.  The name is Thai Garden.
I was wondering if it was any good at all because the last Thai food I tried in Lougheed Mall's food court was a total disaster.

So, I went in the restaurant and looked around.  The lighting is dark for some reason...
However, it is somewhat decorated with a Thai feel.
thai garden
I wanted to try some basic Thai dish because we can easily tell if this restaurant is any good.
We ordered Pad Thai (noodle) and green curry and two bowls of rice.
I was surprised that they charged us for rice.  (guess I don't eat out enough....haha)
Pad Thai
Pardon my pictures because they were taken from my cell phone and the resolution and lighting weren't the best.
green curry thai restaurant
You probably can't tell from the blurry pictures but the two dishes were great.
I am not a expert on Thai food but it was a lot better than food court.
(I spent less money than the food court, too...)

Anyways, I would visit the restaurant again.

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