Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stanley Cup Riot in Vancouver June 2011: Downtown Under Siege

Vancouver held its Stanley Cup Final yesterday and lost the series' game 7 to Boston.
Boston played extremely well with good team effort and goaltending and deserved to win.

The last time, it was 17 years ago when the riot broke out in Vancouver after Game 7.
This time, the same history happened after the loss.  Thousands of thugs, young drunk, low moral standard punks took over downtown and trashed and burn all the cars they see.  Downtown was like a war zone, all stores were smashed and looters happily emptied all stores and department stores downtown.

I don't know what they were thinking because they were being video taped by spectators with faces showing.
Actually, the spectators should have went home.  Some of them are staying and taking pictures like they were enjoying this.  They are obstructing police operations.  Overall, I think they could not contain so much rioters so there were little they could do to stop it.
Downtown Vancouver Riot 2011 after Stanley cup

The crowd was too large to be controlled.  100,000 people....more like 150,000 downtown because of game 7...From my place, more than 20 kilometers from downtown Vancouver, I could see thick clouds from downtown from all things burning.

It is amazing to see there are so many uneducated people out there.  North American culture is almost universal now.  Parents don't have the patience to teach kids, they leave all teaching including moral values to school.  Unfortunately, North American school don't teach moral values either.  Therefore, thousands of thugs like we have seen yesterday exists in our societies.  This fact pertains to all cities in North America, not just Vancouver.
Fruit for thoughts.....

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