Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2011 Strawberry U-Pick in Richmond, BC

Because of the cold bad weather of the spring in BC, the strawberry crop is 6 weeks late this year and is still ripening.  I saw the news saying that the strawberry might be very sweet this year, so we went to W&A Farm in Richmond, BC right away to see if it is true.

6 pounds of strawberries BC local
It was really true!!  The strawberries were sooooo sweet!  My son and my wife love strawberry and really enjoyed them.  They were indeed sweet and we U-picked them.

The funny thing is that my co-worker went after I went and said the batch was sour.
Strange...maybe the earlier batch were better?  Therefore, my co-workers don't believe me now. haha

I wonder how the blueberries will be this year...

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