Friday, July 29, 2011

Handcraft for Parents and Kids: Itsy Bitsy Spider on Web

For parents with kids and wondering what handcrafts can be good entertaining decoration/toy, here is another fresh idea: Cute spiders on web. (see the picture below):

Itsy Bitsy Spider handcrafts with web cute handcrafts for parents and kids
It is really simple to make, and all the material you see from the picture can be found at local dollar stores or handcraft stores.  The spider head and legs are just colored furry balls and furry wires you can find in packs.  The web is just thick thread you can find in the stores.  Basically, any thick thread can be weaved into webs.

The cute round eyes can be found in a pack for a dollar in the dollar stores as well.  They are common for kids' handcrafts.  Now, I know that a spider should have 8 legs, so you can add more legs if you want.  (My wife chose to make only 6 legs.

We hang this on the wall and my kids love this.  Easy Itsy Bitsy Spider handcrafts!

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