Friday, July 1, 2011

Restaurant: Q4 Ristorante in Vancouver

We went to a nice Italian Restaurant in Vancouver near the Kitsilano area.
It was our first time going to a good Italian restaurant.  It was hard to enjoy the whole meal with a baby because we have to take turns holding the baby.  However, we did enjoy the delicious food!
(This was for Mother's Day dinner for my wife.  I didn't have a chance to upload till now.)

First, we had carpaccio carciofi.
As described on the menu: Shaved beef tenderloin with a lemon and artichoke aioli garnished with asiago chips.  This is an absolutely amazing dish for us.

Then, we had an Italiano Pizza.
As described in the menu:  Parma prosciutto, local arugula and shaved parmigiano reggiano

The ham is just too delicious.  I really enjoyed the pizza.  I would have enjoyed more if the baby wasn't hyper active. haha.

Then, we tried Capellini con Gamberi...Angel hair noodle with shrimp.
As described in the menu:  Angel hair pasta with prawns, wild boar bacon, cherry tomatoes, onions, extra virgin olive oil, fresh thyme and parsley topped with cranberries.

This was the one of the best Italian noodle I have tried.  It was nothing I have tried before.  (of course, I don't dine out for Italian that much.)

At last, we ordered to try their tiramisu cake:

I thought it would be a ordered in or prepared tiramisu cake they have but it wasn't.
It was made and nice decorated by hand.  I had to say I was impressed.

This was a high end restaurant with great service.  I would try again if I had a chance.

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