Friday, July 15, 2011

Toys R Us Canada: 2011 Father's Day Lego Car Event

Toys R Us Canada held a Lego event for Father's Day this year as they held one for the Mother's Day.

This time, fathers get to make Lego racing cars with their sons and daughters at this event.
We went with our kids in June. (this post is late.)
The instructions for this car was very easy as it is a small car and took only 3 minutes to build.
(Unlike the mother's day was very complex.)

2011 father's day event toys r us Lego racing car
The only special parts you have to obtain are the tires parts...
It is nice that they have this type of free events to promote their stores and products.
Of course, most people would end up buying things for the kids but the kids also take away a small free Lego.

My son could not wait around for the events to start but he did enjoy building this car...

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