Monday, July 25, 2011

Why Doesn't Extreme Couponing Work In Canada

Recently, the TLC program, "Extreme Couponing" has been very popular with people buying thousands of dollars of groceries, but with the use of coupons, reducing their bills to a few dollars.  There was one episode which the store actually paid 44 dollars back to the shopper!!!

This type of "Extreme Couponing" will never work in Canada.

-First of all, the program shows that many stores in US will double or triple the coupons with the use of membership cards at check out.  This will not happen in Canada.  I have not heard any store doing that and Canadian stores really avoids these couponing business.

-Coupon stacking for same product is not accepted anywhere in Canada with the exception of London Drugs and even they are getting really picky about terms, dates and conditions stated on the coupons.  Some Walmarts in BC won't even accept printed coupons (this is the exact opposite of what we see in the tv show.)

-Things are a lot more expensive in Canada for the same ordinary products.  However, the coupons only offers little discounts like 50 cents or 1 dollar.  You will hardly get things free never mind getting "paid" money back.  haha.  You wish!!!
These people with huge stock rooms or garages shows the camera that they get all the diaper (20 dollars) and detergents, deordorant, cans, medicines.  Okay, you can get small items free but you can never get diapers free in Canada.

-Do they really need those items which will last them 100 life times?  No.  It is a waste and they will expire anyways.  A couple was buying 150 packs of pain reliever because they actually "earn" money by taken those away. What happen if other people need to buy it urgently?

-I think if these people don't need the items, they should donate them.

I don't know how American grocery shops stay in business...

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