Thursday, September 15, 2011

Restaurant: Boathouse in Port Moody's Rocky Point Park

On my birthday and our wedding anniversary, even though I had a fever, we went to Boathouse Restaurant for dinner.  I was really looking forward to this dinner because I have never been to this restaurant and I had a birthday coupon to use.

It was a sunny afternoon around the dock in Port Moody.  The restaurant was busy already at 5:30 in the afternoon. It was summer after all.
The waitress was very friendly and gave good service.  She constantly said, "Happy Birthday" and brought the kids meal menu to us.

I wanted to try their steak and seafood barbecue stick, so we order couple of them.
They were the best steaks we have tried recently!  The steaks were fresh, soft and tender.
After the bite, it was like chewing soft chicken.  They were delicious!!

Boathouse restaurant steak
The kids meal was so very good.  However, the celery stick did not interest my kids....haha.
It was too big, and I don't the kids like the celery sticks.

The adult meals came with free bread and butter.  Those were great as well!!
boathouse restaurant seafood stick with steak

The birthday person gets the steak free! Also, I got a small birthday cake with sparkles as a "surprise".
It was rather embarrassing when people are looking at me but I did like the cake.

We really enjoyed the experience there and will definitely go back again!

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