Thursday, September 8, 2011

Restaurant: The Mexican (Downtown Vancouver)

I actually purchased a Living Social deal for a Spanish restaurant a year ago and never went, so I decided to go before the deal expires.  The funny thing is that the Spanish restaurant closed down and it turned into a Mexican restaurant.  Since the deal still works, we decided to give it a try as it is the first time we go into a real Mexican restaurant.

They renovated the restaurant so it looked new.  (We went when they opened at 5 in the summer.  They open till late.)  I was pleased with the greeting and attitude of the waiter right off the bat.  After ordering, he brought us free Mexican chips and sauce.

The Mexican Restaurant Vancouver free chips and sauce
For our first dish, we ordered Nachos.  I have never seen such a big dish before (well, I don't go to Mexican so I would not know.)  However, the amount of nachos is huge.  The sauce and nachos taste sooooo good.  The Avocado sauce is just simply amazing.
The Mexican Vancouver Large Nacho with Avocado sauce
Then, we ordered some burritos:
The Mexican Vancouver downtown burrito
The burritos are absolutely humongous.  I never expected this because all the burritos I buy in the fast food restaurants are all small.  This is 3 times their sizes.  We were really really full by now.
Mexican vancouver burrito cut
At last, we get to choose 4 kinds of tacos!  The size is small but we enjoy choosing different flavors.
These taste absolutely amazing.  I would definitely recommend this restaurant to people who don't eat Mexican often.  For their portion, I think the prices are reasonable.  The service was excellent.

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