Sunday, December 18, 2011

Korean Food: Seafood Pancake, Bibimbap, Barbecue, Kimchi Fried Rice

We tried all kinds of Korean food in various restaurant.
In Insadong, a Korean craft district, we tried seafood pancake, bibimbap and Korean steamed egg.
In Korea, food always comes with free kimchi and other vegetable dishes and I love that.

korea seafood pancake and steamed egg in Insadong
Korean bibimbap
We also ate in the local barbecue restaurant with my wife's friend's family.
The plate they use is very interesting, slightly slanted.
Korean fried Kimchi rice on teppan
After they barbecue, they have the option of frying kimchi rice themselves.  Very interesting and very tasty I must say.I also tried a bowl of Korean cold noodles.  (not sure what they are called, Japanese would call it "reiman".)
Korean cold noodle
The noodle is also very tasty but hard to chew.  (maybe it is supposed to be like this.)
However, I liked it as well because it is very different from any other country's noodles.
Sauteed barbecued beef

I really enjoyed the real local korean food and I wish that I can come back again to try them.

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