Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cows Calendar (Canada) 2012 Review

In Canada, we have the Cows calendar available to us every year in the calendar stores.
It is produced by this canadian firm with a website available, selling different products:
T-shirts, bags, calendars, pens, mugs...etc.

The headquarters actually situates in Prince Edward Island (very rare in Canada) because it is a less populated place.

Cows Calendar
We have been buying their calendars for 7 years because we love the cute cow art and their parodies.
(funny comments and imitations for pop cultures)
The comic expressions are indeed cute.

They will play puns on languages relating to cows and relate that to TV programs or celebrities.

Cows Calendar back
It is always fun to wait till next edition to see what they come up with.
 check the link below....they have funny shirts....

I would recommend this calendar if you have the chance to use it!

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