Tuesday, January 24, 2012

First Snow in January 2012 in Vancouver, BC, Canada

We have our first snow in January 2012!
On the week of January 14th and the following few days, we had very cold arctic front that resulted in cold temperatures and snow.

Whenever it snows, the views outside my balcony turns into winter wonderland:

view from my condo...winter snow
My older kid was looking forward to play in the snow and make snowman!
(even though he has a bad cold)
My younger son had never seen snow before, so I thought, "okay, we will go out".
The snow was very powdery and was not good material to make snowman.
However, we managed to get a small one:
simple snowman burnaby January 2012
Looks funny and out of proportions...we did not have a carrot nose for him either. haha
This is my younger child's first snowman.  He enjoyed seeing the snow for the first time.

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