Saturday, February 25, 2012

Restaurant: Richmond Aberdeen Centre: Saboten

Two weeks ago, we went to the newly opened Japanese chain restaurant (in food court in Aberdeen centre in Richmond, BC)

Its name is Shinjuku Saboten, a specialty restaurant specialized in "Tokatsu", fried pork cutlet.
When we arrived there at Friday afternoon at 1:30pm, there was a long line up to order.
However, the order line moved quickly, so I thought, "that is good!".

So, we ordered two tonkatsu set and began waiting.
Richmond Aberdeen Centre's Saboten Tokatsu Restaurant food court

waiting, wating and waiting...
50 minutes later! We finally got our numbers called and got our items.

Then, guess what?  The lady got my order wrong!!  It became two "katsudon set."
That is a different kind of dish all together!

Saboten katsudon set
 The katsudon set is not bad in Canadian standard.
However, for people who lived in Japan, this is just a normal dish.

The Canadians might go crazy about it because it is new to them.
It is not worth an hour wait!! and I don't think it is worth the 8.50 dollars spent either.

For people who planned to visit, I would suggest to go during off peak period in weekdays.

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