Sunday, April 1, 2012

Toys R Us Canada: Free Lego and Duplo Easter Bunny Building Event

Toys R Us has special events at least 8 times a year.
A couple of times a year, they are Thomas the Train events, and the rest are Lego building events.
(They are usually for Mother's Day, Father's day, Spring, Winter...etc.  Search my other Lego blogs.)

Today's Lego and Duplo building event is for Easter Bunnies!  (Chicks for toddlers and babies.)

Lego Duplo free event toys r us Easter Bunny and chick
It think it is great that they have these special events.
Lego is expensive but you can get free pieces by attending these events. 

The kids can get entertained, too.
In the future, the kids can utilize the special parts to make other creative things.
Toys R Us free Lego event Easter bunny and chick
I wonder when is the next event...

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