Friday, July 6, 2012

Review: Extended Stay Hotel Everett

I wanted to save money this time, so I bid on and ended up with Extended Stay Hotel in Everett.

I got it for exactly 50 dollars plus taxes, so it is super cheap for high season pricing.

When we entered the room, it had an old smell, so I am not sure how often they clean the room.

However, the room is spacious.  The rooms are designed for people's long term stay.
(Not for family because they don't have two beds.  I asked for a room with an extra sofa bed.)

Because it is cheap, the mattress is old and not comfortable.
The sofa bed is even worse, you can feel the springs and it has basically no back support.
After two nights, we had back ache for the whole week.  Not good.

Extended Stay Everett 1
I like their kitchen though.  It has everything from utensils to microwave to fridge.

Extended Stay Everett 2 Kitchen
It has an oven and even free internet.  I guess I can't complaint for 50 dollars.
They even have free muffins and bagels for breakfast!

Bathroom Extended Stay Everett 3
The bathroom is super spacious with separate rooms for toilette and the sink.
It also has iron and ironing board, etc.

Overall, the facilities are there but I need the mattress!!
It is important for families like us!
(maybe not for young couples but for families with kids, you need good beds...)

Is it worth 50 dollars?  Yes, it is worth over 50 dollars....
The place is convenient near malls and staff are friendly.
However, I think I will try other places next time.

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