Monday, January 20, 2014

Lego: Valentine Heart House with Mushrooms in the Garden

We brought the kids out to Lego Store in Surrey's Guildford Centre.

It is actually our first time in Guildford Centre and could not believe how spacious it is.
I was not familiar with the mall and had a hard time navigating through the crowd.

Anyway, we got some pieces through the "all you can stuff" can.  (about 20 dollars plus taxes)

My wife built this small beach house with heart on top....just in time for Valentine's Day. haha

Lego Heart Valentine Beach House Garden
We also bought a monthly mini build set that includes a gardening family, trees and 3 mushrooms.
The mushrooms looked cute,and that is why we got it.

It is hard to spot the mushroom in this picture.

I think I want to go back soon because we don't have enough basic pieces.

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