Saturday, February 22, 2014

McDonald's Poutine (Canada) Review

If you are a Canadian, you will know that Canadians love poutine, a dish that originated from Eastern Canada.  It is fries covered with cheese and gravy sauce.  Recently, New York Fries has released different kinds of sauces, making the dish even more popular.

By the way, 'New York Fries' is purely a Canadian company.
It has no store in the USA.  It does have stores in Korea and Hong Kong.

McDonald's decided to cover this market niche, so they release their version recently:

McDonald's Canada's New Poutine Menu
Here is a picture for the poutine.  To be honest, for almost 4 dollars, the amount of poutine is so little.
It is not enough for a snack.  Also, it tastes awful compared to the other stores' poutine.

You can get something double the size with way better sauces from chain stores like New York Fries.
It is not worth it, so I will give it a 4 out of 10 over all.

I will not be surprised that this menu disappears in 3 months.

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