Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cooking as a Husband: My Rookie Dishes: Teriyaki Chicken and Pork Belly

My wife is a wonderful cook, and I occasionally feature her dishes on this blog.

However, I had to say that I am totally new to cooking, and I should start learning.

Here are the two pictures of the dishes I cooked for the first couple of times:

Salted Pork Belly (butabara)
The first picture features salted fried pork belly and miso soup.
If you have a good bottle of garlic salt and pepper, you can make the port belly taste wonderful.

Teriyaki Chicken and Avocado
The second one is teriyaki chicken and avocado.
Teriyaki chicken is actually extremely easy to make.
All you need is chicken and couple of spoons of soy sauce.
While frying your chicken piece (breast or not), use a little soy sauce and spread on top of chicken.
This would give you the brown color.
Then, spread the garlic salt and pepper and other spice you like.

Then, after 5 minutes, you have the teriyaki chicken bowl.

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