Saturday, January 23, 2010

Grocery Shopping in the States

Saturday, we went to the States to a town, Bellingham, near the border of USA/Canada for some usual grocery shopping.

Because of their size of the population, we have always enjoyed shopping for their different variety and the cheaper prices of products.  eg. detergent, dog food, fast food, toy, coffee, even drinks...etc.  Here is a picture of the Pizza Hut menu in Target, which is not available in BC:

Canada has a relatively small population; therefore, the products are simple and less diversified, and of course, new products come to Canada after it has been introduced in the states.  Even today, I can spot many things that Canada does not have in this small border town.  For example, McCafe are in the town of Bellingham and many parts of the world, but it is just slowly crawling its way to Canada (at least to Vancouver area).  Pizza Hut has different and better menu in the States.  The Thomas Train toys are way cheaper to buy it in the States than in Canada.  (price difference is 50%).  They have more kinds of detergents in the US.  eg.  Dawn has two lines of products including collaboration with Olay.

Here is a picture of the iPod vending machine in Macy's:

Even though my 2-year-old son cannot endure a ride more than 1 hour, he sure enjoys cross border shopping for new toys in the United States.  I also buy different kinds of dog products and snacks for my two chihuahuas because the volume and variety of dog food is just amazing in the States.  It is definitely worth the drive.  Besides, the gas at the border is also 35 percent cheaper than the Vancouver Region.

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