Monday, January 25, 2010

Taiwanese Noodle with a Japanese Twist

My wife cooked dinner with her usual creative sense again, and she experimented on Asian noodles this time.  "Mienshien" is a kind of Taiwanese noodle that is commen sold in the night market, and people can buy it in the supermarket to cook at home as well.  There are several types of variation of "Mienshien" Taiwanese cook, and the noodle is actually available through T&T, a large Taiwanese supermarket chain in Canada.

This time, she used cooked "Mienshien" with a Japanese noodle based soup.  In Nagasaki, Japan, there is a kind of noodle called, "Chanpon".  It uses seafood soup powder to derive its unique taste.  "Chanpon" was derived when some Chinese immigrant opened restaurants in Nagasaki, and the noodle became popular among locals.  Within the soup, there was cabbage, corn, carrots, onions and shrimps.   Chanpon soup with Mienshien....a good combination to try.

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