Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Taiwanese Pineapple Pastry and Chocolate Manju (Manto)

My mom just came back from a visit in Taiwan and brought back some of its famous delicious pastries.  The first one is a total classic traditional one: Pineapple Pastry.  A great one should have a solid outer layer, not a soft powdery one we get in the mass produced packages.  Inside, it usually has pineapple jelly (hard to describe it). Recently, all traditional pastries including mooncakes come with a twist.  They have different taste of Pineapple pastries now.  ie. cranberry, etc.  The second box of gift I got is Chocolate Manju (Manto in Mandarin).  It is made by "Art Coffee".  A famous high end Taiwanese shop specialized in Coffee and pastry gift boxes.  The Chocolate Manju is absolutely tasty just like other Japanese style pastry and rice cakes.


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