Friday, December 17, 2010

Restaurant: Joey Restaurant

We had a chance to go to a restaurant called, "Joey Restaurant".  It is a chain restaurant similar to Earls or Cactus Club, and we have never been there before.  It is before my second baby's 1 month celebration, so we decided to order some dishes that we don't usually order.
First, we actually ordered two cocktails:  Bellini and Mojito.  I loved the Bellini.

Then, we order 3 mini burgers with fries.  For some reason, the food seemed lukewarm.
Then, we ordered a 9 ounce sirloin steak.  It was delicious, but again, the plate wasn't warm and the steak, too.  I kind of miss the Asian style of fresh steak on the steak plate.  Those are really "freshly made".
Next, we ordered Kobe Beef Meatball Spaghetti.  The food was great, but the meatballs were hard.
After waiting for more than 25 minutes, the dessert, chocolate cake with warm chocolate filling had arrived.
It has cranberry sauce on the side and ice cream.  This one was delicious.
The service was very friendly in this place but the food need to be warmer.

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