Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Vancouver Christmas Market

We went to the Vancouver Christmas Market this week.  It is in its first year with local and European (mostly German) vendors importing Christmas decoration, food and souvenirs.
They have unique European stands selling German beers and lager, sausage hotdogs, pork, decorations, toys...etc.  The second picture shows a stand that sells cooked apple with different flavors.  I have never seen that before.  The decorations were expensive because they are handcrafted and imported.  The price ranged from 20 dollars for a small wooden ornaments to 40 dollars for a big egg shaped ornaments.
The themed toys or handcrafted decorations are 50 to 300 dollars.  Pricey because they are imports from Czech, Poland and Germany.  Some are from vendors of US and are overpriced.
The German sausage hotdog was sooooooo good and better than the ones I tried before.
We also tried the pretzels.  Yummy...I want to eat it again.
Too bad they don't offer German dinners there...

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