Sunday, January 23, 2011

Vancouver Restaurant: La Bretagne Creperie

Few months ago, I have heard about this French Creperie downtown that people like and we went try it early January.  They are always busy during meal time, so we made reservations in the afternoon for some crepe snacks.  It is located in downtown Vancouver near "Konbiniya", a Japanese convenience store on Robson Street.

It is a small French restaurant that sells all kinds of crepes with mostly French staff.
It seats about only 20 people, and most clients spoke French on the Saturday I went.

The crepe menu covers everything from seafood to desserts to Hawaiian crepe.
We have tried the Belgian Chocolate Crepe and Seafood Crepe:

People have the option to add fruits on the dessert crepes, which I did not.  The Belgian Chocolate tastes good but I would recommend adding bananas to it.

The seafood crepe tastes good.  The Sauce was excellent but was not enough.  Well, it says seafood but only with shrimps inside....

The price here is high and can run up to 7 to 13 dollars a crepe, including tax and tip.
I would love to try it again but the prices would make me think twice.
I know that is what they pay in Europe, but is it really worth 13 dollars for a seafood crepe?

Maybe I will try other crepes next time.

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