Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tassimo: European Premium Coffee

As I mentioned before, we currently are enjoying the Tassimo machine and are trying out different available drink on its "T-Disc".

Wanting to taste its online European coffee line-up, I order 3 packages from the website.
(3 countries' brands, 3 different tastes which are only available in Europe or online.)

1)  Gevalia's Decaf Cappucino (Sweden).
Gevalia is a household Swedish brand for coffee in the local markets.  However, in the States, it is marketed as premium European coffee and offers all kinds of coffee beans and products different than Starbucks.  It is recognized as a Royal brand by the royal family of Sweden.  The special thing about it is that the coffee T-Discs are Decaf Expresso, which are not common in Canada.

2)  Mastro Lorenzo's Crema (Italy)

3) Jacobs' Kronung (Germany)
Jacob is a household brand in Europe but is not available in Canada.

I have tried the Gevalia coffee, and it tastes Excellent!!
For me, the decaf espresso is still a little strong but the taste if refined.
As a coffee drinker, my wife loves it as well.

For online ordering in Canada, we have to order at least 3 packs with shipping.
Each pack will work out to be around 13 dollars including shipping and taxes.
Amazingly, it is almost the same price is you buy the tassimo packs from Safeway or Save On Foods.
(and you only can get Starbucks or Nabob brands)

For people who want to try a variety of coffee for the Tassimo machines, I would recommend trying the online ordering.

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