Saturday, March 12, 2011

Restaurant: Sushi Mart on Robson in Vancouver, BC

Sushi Mart is a new restaurant opened by the same owner as Fuji Sushi in Coquitlam, BC.

They have a good concept to lure customers in that you can order and eat in but it is self serve.
Which mean:
1) The server brings the food for you but that is it.
2) You pour your own tea but I find that super easy.

Therefore, you don't need to tip, saving you 10 to 15 percent!
 Here I ordered standard lunch sushi rolls with salmon, tuna and sushi (well, standard north american stuff).
Also, I ordered the Uni Nigiri Sushi.  Now, this was good but cost 2.75.
The taste over all is great and the cost for the lunch set is around 6 dollars....very reasonable in downtown.

 I think I prefer the original store in Coquitlam, BC though.  It is just too good with great value.


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