Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sephora's New Line: Hello Kitty Cosmetics

Sephora has introduced a new line of cosmetics:  Hello Kitty.

The store front will feature two brilliantly designed cute posters, picturing a cute model posing in a Hello Kitty themed outfit:
The advertising and the design of the products certainly made this line very enticing.
Great marketing...gotta give it to Sephora.
(Actually, MAC had a Hello Kitty Line 4 years ago as well with great poster and products but did not continue the line for very long.)

I am sure this attracted people, making them stepping into the Sephora stores.

picture of Sephora Hello Kitty shelf

It features eyeliners, lipsticks, lip gloss, brushes, brush set in a Hello Kitty, mirrors, decorated mirrors, etc.
The brush set is cute but a little overpriced considering the silver Hello Kitty is plastic.
The mirrors are good but also expensive.
They also have pouches, shower cap, nail name it.
It was more comprehensive than the MAC line and I was surprised.
They also had a Tokidoki cosmetic line!  Great collaboration selections!

The US pricing is still a lot lower than the Canadian pricing in Sephora, which is unfair and surprised me.

I certainly hope that they play fair and drop the prices in the future.
I did decide to buy my wife several items, including a Sephora brush set and Hello Kitty products (and they gave us some small gifts and samples).

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