Sunday, July 24, 2011

KFC USA: Amazing American Pricing and A&W USA

Again, I am amazed at American pricing at their KFC when I visited in July 2011.
The KFC in Canada is sometimes set up with Taco Bell, but in the States, they come with A&W.
(funny combination if you are from Canada...the two restaurants have different images for us.)
KFC USA with A&W
I was also amazed by the different variety of menu items they offer and the volume.
(much better than Canada's)  They also have 5 dollar menu set which includes, 2 pieces of chicken, fries and a drink and a biscuit!!.  It would probably cost at least 7 dollars in Canada.
KFC USA 5 dollar set with fries and biscuit and drink
We were very full at the end.  (by the way, Canada cancelled all biscuit with combo ten years ago.) cheapo...

haha...I also liked this A&W root beer machine.  (and they have diet root beer!!)

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