Sunday, July 24, 2011

Local Sightseeing BC: Steveston Village in Richmond, BC

I haven't been to Steveston for 15 years, so I decided to bring my wife there for a walk on a nice Monday.
The weather was gorgeous but there was no fisherman's market on the dock because it was not a weekend.
They only come out on a weekend and hundreds of visitors will come out to buy fish from the boats.

Restaurants beside Steveston dock bc
From the dock, you can see all the fishing boats and on the side, there is a cannery that people can see how they made cans.  In the weekend, you can only find parking in designated paid parking lots, but in the weekdays, there are street parking near the dock.  It is easy to walk around this village because it has only a 3 block radius.
Steveston, richmond bc salmon prawn fish and chips
We went to Salmon City, a restaurant by the dock for Salmon fish and chips and prawn fish and chips.
The portions are absolutely huge with lots of fries.  We had to pack them up and eat them the next meal.
The price is around 15 for two pieces of Salmon which is standard for restaurant fish and chips.  I know there are cheaper places but not near any docks.

orange cranberry scone
We also passed by a local coffee shop and bought their orange cranberry scone.
In the weekdays, this feels like a nice retirement fishing village.  The mood is very slow and relaxing and quiet.
It does not feel like a busy waterfront like downtown beaches or Kitsilano.
octopus, scallop sashimi, baby clams, oysters
We also found a local Japanese seafood store, which sells all kinds of seafood and sashimi including octopus, scallops and fresh oysters. (you cannot usually find it in other places.)
We enjoyed a really nice sunny relaxing walk around the town....being a local British Columbia tourist.
We enjoyed a good big seafood dinner that day as well!!

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