Friday, August 26, 2011

10 Days of Fever...Worst Cold Ever?

I have not been able to update my blog because I have been down with a terrible cold for two weeks.

Two weekends ago, it started with minor coughing and fever, but it soon turns into full blown coughing and high fever that doesn't really go away.  Sure, it goes away when I take medicines but comes back in two hours or when I am in work.  High fever is not the worst thing, I had trouble breathing the whole week and I was wondering why...

My father who was a pharmacist suggested that I had a lung infection that is causing all the never ending fever and breathing problems.  He gave me 5 days of supply of antibiotics and surely, it started working the first pill I took.  It is interesting because I saw my regular family doctor and she did not find anything wrong.

Now, I am just trying to recover through my 3rd weekend.  10 Days of fever is my personal record that I think not many people have experience with that either.  The fever is not fun.  I have cold 3 times a year with bad coughing all the time but this is a first.  Non-stop 2 months coughing is not fun either.  Your whole body aches and you can't sleep with the coughs.

I am hoping that my son does not bring more new viruses home before end of year....I wish...

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