Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hey's Luggage: X Nations and Journey (25th Anniversary)

Hey's is celebrating their 25th Anniversary for producing luggage sets and technologies. 
I have heard that their luggages are the lightest in the world with good qualities.
(graphic design with German engineering and Japanese wheels)

I have never tried their products but I like their looks and design from outside, so I decided to get a couple of them for this year's trips. I got one carry-on from series, X Nations and one more from series, Journey.  I liked the lightness and designs, and I just hope that they hold up and last.

Those two luggage are very very light indeed.  The big luggage came with a 25th anniversary tag and TSA lock and four wheels.  The small luggage is super light and came with Canada design.  You can choose from 30 countries' flags (some are to be produced because it is new.)

I hope these can be my durable travel buddies.

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