Saturday, December 10, 2011

Korea: Seoul: Gyeonbok Palace

On the Second Day of our trip to Korea, we visited the Gyeonbok Palace.

We took the subway there and it took only 3 minutes for us to walk to the palace.
The palace looks beautiful.  (The picture was taken on a cloudy day, so the colors might not show as well as intended.)

Gate of Gyeongbok Palace
At this sight, they have the "changing of the guards" performance...the Korean version for visitors to see.
It was interesting to see the old military costumes and hear old military music.
Gate to the main palace in Gyeonbok Palace
The ground of the compound is very spacious. After going through a couple of gates, we can go up to the main palace room where the emperor sat but could not go in because it was barricaded. 
The who palace compound look well preserved and the style is a little different from Japan or China's.

(People with non-oriental backgrounds might think they look all the same but the buildings from different parts of Asia have differences.)

From the palace, we went to the department store and Lotte Mart near Seoul Station.

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