Sunday, December 11, 2011

Korea: Seoul 2011 Lantern Festival with Pororo

The first day of our Seoul trip, we happened to stumble upon a lantern festival right beside our hotel.

It has various characters including Pororo, a famous Korean Penguin cartoon character.
They also had Superman, Batman and Anime robots.

Pororo lantern in seoul korea
They also have other Asian cultural themed lanterns such as rabbits making rice cakes on the moon.
It is an ancient tale for the mid-autumn festival that these rabbits were on the moon making rice cake.
rabbit making rice cake lantern festival

They also have lanterns displayed in other countries' themes or world heritage buildings:
Statue of Liberty in USA, Tower of Pisa of Italy, themes from Philippines, China and Japan, etc.
Statue of Liberty lantern in Seoul Korea
Tower of Pisa lantern in Seoul Korea
Nebuta Matsuri Lanterns in Seoul Korea
and some goldfish:
goldfish latern in seoul korea festival

We all had a lot of fun looking at these and we are glad that this is right in front of our hotel!!

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