Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Korea: Seoul: Jongmyo Royal Shrine

On a sunny cold day during our Korea Trip, we visited the Jongmyo Royal Shrine.  It was five minutes walk from our hotel but it was almost 0 degree because the water in the pots was frozen.

We actually all did not wear a jacket because we thought it was going to be sunny and 20 degrees like previous days.  We were so wrong.  We got a guided English tour for only 2 dollars US or 2000 won.  However, we were sooooo cold during the hour of tour.  We wished we had the jackets so we can enjoy the tour more.  The tour guide was nice enough to lend us her guide uniform jacket to cover the baby.

On a sunny day, the place was beautiful!
Jongmyo Korea
This place is where the kings rest in peace in Korea.

At the end, the guide said she was nervous but we ensured that she did a good job and took a picture with her.

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