Sunday, January 29, 2012

Guacamole Paste (Dip) with Guacachip

Guacamole is a kind of Mexican paste that mixes Avocado with sea salt.
It is traditionally mixed with old Mexican tools: mortar and pestle. (see molcajete under wikipedia)

In ancient Aztec language, it means "Guaca" as Avocado and "mole" as sauce.
We found Guacamole pastes in Fred Meyer in Bellingham and decided to give it a try!
(We also found Guacachip in London Drugs around Vancouver.)

fred meyer guacamole dip with guacachip
The guacachip tastes great with taste of avocado and with the fresh Guacamole dip, it was fantastic!!

They fit each other perfectly!!

I love the guacamole paste very very much that I will get more next time!!

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