Saturday, January 28, 2012

Restaurant Review: Go Thai Restaurant

We went to a restaurant, Go Thai, (or Don't Go! Thai) in New Westminster to order take out for Thai food.

We have heard mixed reviews, some good, some bad about this place and decided to try it out.
I wanted to know how good the food is here, so I ordered two basic dish to test it out:
Thai Curry and Pad Thai.

If you screw those two basic dishes up, then it is not good enough.
For the curry, I decided on the 14 dollar Seafood Curry because I think green or yellow curry were too common.  I wanted to test the size of portion and food quality.

Thai seafood Curry and Pad Thai
The Pad Thai is too spicy (nothing wrong with that).
However, it tastes just normal.  Nothing outstanding.

The seafood curry were dry...maybe it is supposed to be.
However, the portion is really really small as I can demonstrate on the next picture:
The portion is only half of the portion of pad thai.
The pad thai is 11 dollars!! less than the curry!
All dishes are between 10 to 15 dollars for dinner but the portions are small.
(soups and appetizers are cheaper.)

The seafood curry has two mussels and two shrimps!!!!and that is 15 dollars (tax included)
Outrageous.  The restaurants in BC really over charges...

Anyways, the food is mediocre, so I would try something else cheaper next time.

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