Tuesday, January 24, 2012

H-Mart: Korean Bakery: Cake for 10 Dollars

H-Mart is a large North American chain of Korean supermarkets.
Actually, recently, I heard that they opened one more store in Richmond.
(I think Richmond, BC is crowded enough...)

I noticed that they sell these beautiful nice long cake in their bakery section and could not help but buying it.

Korean H-Mart cake for 10 dollars
For only 10 dollars!! We get a nice box with this great tasting chocolate cake!
What a value!! They should keep this on because I think T&T has other types of nice Asian cake but not this kind.

I have to mention that when you cut the cake into slices, the layers sometimes crumble.
That is the only downside to this cake.  Otherwise, the taste is great.

This is definitely worth a try!

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