Monday, February 6, 2012

Disney Store Burnaby: Mickey and Minnie Plush Toys and Cups

I went to the Disney Store last week to buy toys for my kids.

I was surprised that they have more and more products and the store looks nice with renovations done.

I was also surprised at how many Cars product they have on display.
(They had an entire section for it for boys.  For the girls, they had the princesses section.)

The medium disney plush toys are 2 for 22 dollars, so we bought Mickey and Minnie Mouse.
We also bought children's sippy cups and cars because they were on sale.
They are very cute and my son loves the Mickey sippy cup.
They had all kinds of cups, princesses, toy story, etc.
He loves Mickey Mouse!

I will have to check out Disney Store more often now.

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