Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lindt Swiss Luxury Selection: Dark Box

I have always loved Lindt Chocolate, even more so after adulthood.

The main reason is that I love the subtle smooth taste and the brand is not overly sweet.

Comparing to other high-end brand available in Canada with Purdy's, Rogers and Godiva,

I find it less sugary and more tasty in my opinion.

My parents gave me a box of the Dark Swiss Luxury Selection the other day:
Dark Lindt Swiss Luxury Selection
I have never tried this box and I was happy to try it!
Here is a picture of inside:
Dark Lindt Swiss Luxury Selection 2
I know the picture does not tell much in this case because they all look "dark".

However, they are excellent!!

I liked every single one of them from caramel to alcohol to almond.
I love them!

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