Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jeremy Lin Fever (Linsanity) Across North America and Taiwan

This week has been crazy with the media coverage about a young NBA player, Jeremy Lin.

He is on the front page of all newspapers and people are making new words using the last name.
For example, Lincredible, Linsanity, Legend in New York (LIN)...etc.  Very creative.

He is a Harvard graduate who got overlooked, never drafted, was sitting on the bench for 1.5 years for 3 teams.

All the sudden, he got a chance to play, amazed everyone, and made a name for himself.

He is born in the states but his parents are Taiwanese, so all the Taiwanese people are loving this.
(including me....getting very excited.)
I watched the New York vs Toronto game, and the ending was just incredible and magical.

I do believe that he has some talent.
Taiwan needs a hero, and I hope he can be that person!;_ylt=AnhIFVBe5CXl7Ai_Gllh74C8vLYF?slug=ap-taiwan-lin

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