Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Valentine's Day: Heart Chocolate Cake with Cute Monkey Balloon

I had a wonderful dinner with my wife on Valentine's Day.

My lovely wife bought me this delicious heart-shaped chocolate cake.

The pink flower on top was actually made of cream!
I love the cute words and the red lips comes along with it.
heart shaped chocolate valentine's day cake
She also bought me this cute monkey "I love you" balloon.

It is so cute.  I love it!
cute monkey I love you balloon
I thought about going out to eat in a nice restaurant...
However, my kids are still small and it would not be pleasant.
Fuji Sushi Deluxe Sashimi

Therefore, I decided to go for a peaceful take out and eat at home.
I ordered a deluxe sashimi plate and it was wonderful!!

The sashimi was fresh and had fish we usually can't find on the Canadian supermarkets.
My wife also cooked a lobster, tofu soup, meatball, and kara-age for dinner.
Valentine's Day Dinner with lobster and sashimi and karaage and meatball
We really enjoyed the Valentine's Day dinner!

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