Friday, April 27, 2012

Portland Food Cart: Philly Cheese steak

Portland is famous for their food carts.
In downtown, they have lots and lots of food cart vendors all around the same block.
We tried quite a few of them this trip but would want to try more later.

The first one we tried is "Philly Cheese steak".  I have never heard of it before.
After I tried it, I love it!!

The picture does not tell the story.  It was very warm and fresh!
It has cheese, beef, green pepper, different veggies and sauces in there.

All the ingredients mixed in very very well for a nice taste.  It was perfect!
 The taste was calming and not too extreme.

This vendor is here for over 25 years.  I guess it is a safe bet.
This one is outside Pioneer Square near all the department stores.

They have a website for all the food carts... 
Apparently, they have a food cart festival this weekend....

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