Friday, April 20, 2012

Portland Max Line Train and Portland Red Lion Hotel

The public transit in Downtown Portland is completely free and is very convenient.
This includes train to the Rose Garden Arena, Lloyd Center (a local mall) and anywhere to the downtown core.

The trains are very clean and modern.

Portland Downtown Max Line train
However, it is on the ground and is subject to red lights.
Also, it is kind of slow...(maybe only downtown?)
We stayed at a cheap old downtown business hotel called, "Red Lion Hotel".

The hotel is old but I can tell that they renovated the hotel and bathroom's decor.
However, when we entered our first room, we saw this in the sink:

mud, clay or sand...I don't know what it is but it was puzzling.
They did not clean that up?
My wife said that it looks disgusting so we changed a room right away.

The staff did respond correctly and swiftly but the sink still puzzles me.
The hotel was okay....but....
I might try other places next time...

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