Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spring 2012 Home Renovation

We had been working on home renovations this spring.
We worked on mostly our lighting in our washroom, living room and bedroom.

Here is our old bathroom light...very old panel and looked ugly:

old bathroom light panel
We spent quite some time deciding what light fixtures we wanted to change them to.
However, it was easy to install the new light fixtures.

New light fixture bathroom 2012
The living room light fixture and dimmer switch were not working very well.

Therefore, we decided to change them as well.
Amazingly, it was easy to change the light dimmer to a switch.

Here is the new living room chandelier we installed:
new living room chandelier

I think changing the light fixtures changes the mood of the room a little bit.
I guess it is good to do that once a while to freshen up the atmosphere.

I think we were tired for a couple of weekends...
Every weekend, it seems so busy and time passes by no matter what we do.

Maybe the kids make us busy....I am sure that is what it is.

oh well, such is life.

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