Friday, June 1, 2012

Bellingham, Washington State: Super Buffet

We went to "Super Buffet", a Chinese owned buffet restaurant in Bellingham, Washington last month.

It does has some variety of sushi and sashimi although the quality and freshness is not consistent.
It is not particularly cheap either.  We pay 15 dollars each person plus drink extra, taxes and tips.

I am not sure if it is worth the 15 dollars since you pay the same in Canada with better quality of food.

If you set up a shop in Bellingham, you have to make it cheap...

oyster, Inari sushi, salmon, tuna sashimi
It has the basic sushi but nothing out of ordinary.
It has fresh oysters but some were going bad.  Besides that, they had tuna, salmon, Ika and Inari sushi.
They also had some rolls.

They claim that they have "Alaskan Crab".  However, it only come out once an hour and only for the first 3 or 4 people who can get to it.

They also have quite a few Chinese dishes.  If you like Chinese food, then these should be for you.

We did not try the Chinese food. 
However, there is a Teriyaki section that you can pick your meat and vegetables and they will cook for you.

You have a choice of beef, chicken and pork and several teriyaki type vegetables.
They also barbecue the shrimps in front of you, so this part is kind of neat.

I think they should at least make some drink self serve instead of charging people.

I will not recommend this place because of the high price and inconsistent level of food.
I think this one is to trap the cross border shopping Vancouver visitors....

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